November 21, 2007


Need a ton of gifts for all those friendly faces in your life? You know: the school crossing guard who has a cheery "Good Morning!" for you, even when it's six below outside? Or the cashier at the grocery store who doesn't make a face when you try to sneak eleven items onto the Ten-Items-Or-Less aisle? And what about that nice neighbor who doesn't pitch a fit every time your kids' soccer ball ends up in her yard?

Well, we think Purusha's sandalwood soap would be a perfect gift for any or all of these lovelies. It's handmade with lots of good stuff like avocado and olive oils, and scented with sandalwood, clary sage, sweet orange, jasmine, and vetiver essential oils. But we especially love that its beautiful, minimalist look lets you make a fuss without being too fussy. (Sandalwood Soap, $5.50)

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Great find. I've never heard of sandalwood soap before, But I do love the smell of sandalwood. Thanks for sharing. :)